Corporate Goals

Düsseldorf Congress has set itself the following goals:

  • Customer and Visitor Satisfaction: the events held at the venues of Düsseldorf Congress are always designed to be a successful and positive experience for both organisers and all participants and visitors alike – providing a good reason to come back.  
  • High Quality of Ranges: boasting the highest degree of flexibility and the latest technical equipment at all venues as well as top-class services, Düsseldorf Congress offers its customers a high-quality package throughout.
  • Market Leadership: Düsseldorf Congress wishes to further strengthen its position as one of the big event organisers in Europe and, hence, achieve above-average capacity acceptance of its premises.

So as to achieve these goals

  • Düsseldorf Congress places customer needs centrestage and offers them top-class service and support.
  • The company considers its employees its most valuable asset, constantly promoting their personal development and incorporating their ideas with a view to improving the quality of services even further.
  • Düsseldorf Congress is represented in national and international associations.
  • The company establishes partnerships with service providers and research facilities and delivers the best of quality.  

In this way Düsseldorf Congress sees itself as a valuable and reliable partner for customers, visitors, shareholders and suppliers.

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