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Capacity overview CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf and exhibition halls

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Capacity overview CCD Convention Center Düsseldorf and trade fair halls
The modular and flexible room concept of the CCD Convention Center Düsseldorf allows individual combination options and offers customised space for any size of event. Depending on requirements, 41 conference rooms, 17 exhibition halls and 43,000 m² of open-air space can be included in the room planning. Within the CCD Convention Center Düsseldorf, capacities for up to 7,500 people and over 11,000 m² of exhibition space are available. The largest room in the CCD Convention Center Düsseldorf can accommodate up to 2,000 people. The direct connection to the adjacent exhibition halls (Hall 1 and Hall 3) allows the capacities of the Convention Center to be expanded to 22,500 persons and an additional exhibition area of 34,000 m². The direct connection to the grounds of Messe Düsseldorf with a total area of more than 317,000 m² means that large events with a total capacity of up to 100,000 visitors can also be realised in the CCD Convention Center Düsseldorf.

CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf
ground floor
Gross area (sqm)TheatreClassroomBanquetU-formHollow
Clearance (m)
Hall 112,02510,000*15.00
Foyer Hall 12,1401,132*16.50
Hall 320,2795,000*2,7003,5008.00
Room 011501378010034442.95
Room 02150144809034442.95
VIP Apartment 171102.79
Office 1262.70
Office 2302.70
Meeting Corner3882.77
Foyer CCD Süd2,2102.90
Foyer CCD Stadthalle5822.90

*with permission

Foyer rooms 5 – 8 open (incl. Activity Area Süd)582—–2.96

CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf
first floor
Gross area (sqm)TheatreClassroomBanquetU-formHollow
Clearance (m)
Hall XY2,3272,0001,3641,270 / 1.736**7.95
Hall X1,1331,0225725807.95
Hall Y1,1338406406207.95
Room 11,0591,0284789.00
Room 259167637635074964.45
Room 347350127027058804.46
Room 4137125568054603.00
Room 4a, 4d3018820123.00
Room 4b, 4c382682012163.00
Room 563562440182.96
Room 61411296680282.96
Room 717814888902.96
Room 7a, 7b887842502.96
Room 81421296690282.96
Activity area CCD Süd1152.85
Room 9262212102.86
Room 10384018202.86
Room 11262212102.86
VIP Apartment 241102.85
Activity Area CCD Stadthalle2792.70
Room 121237958702.40
Room 131851471081103,25
Wintergarten, Restaurant Wabe1,2265403.00
Room 14, 1519919111212044563.74
Room 14a, 15b9798506030363.74
Room 14b, 15a9794506030363.74
Room 16, 17, 18, 1919719910012044604.48
Room 16a, 17a, 18a, 19a9898506030364.48
Room 16b, 17b, 18b, 19b9898506030364.48
Foyer CCD Süd2,1652.96
Foyer CCD Stadthalle3,0042.80

**Banquet long tables

CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf
second floor
Gross area (sqm)TheatreClassroomBanquetU-formHollow
Clearance (m)
Room 26185145*100*90*2.88
Room 27197145*102*100*2.88
Room 28196184*100*100*2.88

*Total number of 330 persons in rooms 26 – 28

Exhibition hallsGross area (sqm)TheatreClassroomBanquetU-formHollow
Clearance (m)
Hall 112,04217.50
Hall 320,2195,0002,7003,5008.00
Hall 411,8808.00
Hall 511,4388.00
Hall 625,27610,0606,0005,00016.00 – 24.00
Hall 7a3,93812.00
Hall 7.0 – 7.23,883 / 6,650 / 6,3244.00 / 3.20 / 3.20
Hall 8a12,85010,0005,0005,00014.50
Hall 8b12,85010,0005,0005,00014.50
Hall 912,4098.00
Hall 1016,2968.00
Hall 1116,2518.00
Hall 1212,1208.00
Hall 1316,2568.00
Hall 1410,8228.00
Hall 1513,14814.00
Hall 1616,72114.00
Hall 178,29814.00