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About Düsseldorf Congress GmbH

Every year Düsseldorf Congress hosts numerous conventions, corporate events, conferences and meetings as well as community events and TV productions, thereby offering a versatile line-up in the North Rhine-Westphalian capital.

Düsseldorf Congress
is an experienced partner for national and international events. Boasting extensive knowledge and longstanding expertise the company sets standards in the meetings industry. Düsseldorf Congress GmbH looks back on more than 20 years of know-how and experience gained in this business and boasts diverse resources and service offers. CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf and the adjacent premises of Messe Düsseldorf are located in one of Germany’s most powerful economic – yet also most densely populated – regions. In addition, Düsseldorf boasts excellent traffic infrastructure.



Panorama Düsseldorf

Events boost the appeal of the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia
Düsseldorf Congress organises major pivotal events thereby contributing to the image and economical prosperity in the city and its surroundings. Events are an economic factor for the entire region, they form part of location marketing and serve to build the image of this state capital. They make the city more attractive and increase both its national and international recognition levels as a destination. For local business and scientific institutions the Düsseldorf Congress venues are familiar infrastructure facilities.

Economic factor and employer in the region
The company markets the North Rhine-Westphalian capital as a location for events both at national and international level thereby constantly adding to the city’s economic power. Of particular relevance here is the indirect impact of events: according to an ifo study, visitors to conventions and corporate events spend over EUR 202 million at this location every year – on hospitality and food service, retail and local public transport. In addition to this, Düsseldorf Congress is a principal employer and job generator in Düsseldorf and for the region. The company employs to the tune of 60 in-house staff but according to an ifo study published in 2017 it secures 2.489 jobs in the region and 2.705 across Germany with its event operations – for instance, with providers of technical, security and catering services as well as in hotels and retail.

Furthermore, Düsseldorf Congress is committed to providing training in the region. The company trains event managers and event technology specialists and allows university graduates to start a career in the meetings business with its trainee schemes.

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Düsseldorf Congress is a member in the following regional, national and international organisations and associations:

Destination Düsseldorf

Supervisory board

Chair of the advisory board

Burkhard Hintzsche
Municipal Director of the City of Düsseldorf


Guiseppe Saitta
Councillor of the City of Düsseldorf



Dirk Angerhausen
Councillor of the City of Düsseldorf

Sabine Schmidt
Deputy District Mayor

Wolfram Diener
President and CEO Messe Düsseldorf

Clemens Hauser
Divison Director at Messe Düsseldorf

Günther Karen-Jungen

Lydia Koudich

Saliha Ouammar
Councillor of the City of Düsseldorf

Peter-Ulrich Peters

Sabrina Proschmann
Councillor of the City of Düsseldorf

Dr. Christine Rachner
Councillor of the City of Düsseldorf

Peter Rasp
Councillor of the City of Düsseldorf

Bernhard Johannes Stempfle
Managing Director of Messe Düsseldorf

Dirk-Peter Sültenfuß
Councillor of the City of Düsseldorf

Erhard Wienkamp
Managing Director of Messe Düsseldorf