Düsseldorf Congress

Corporate social responsibility

Sustainable action and management are firmly anchored in the corporate strategy of Düsseldorf Congress GmbH. The company is committed both to the environment and to its employees and society.


Environment and sustainability

At Düsseldorf Congress, we take environmental protection very seriously. As one of Europe’s largest event management companies, we have firmly anchored the concept of sustainability in our philosophy. We provide ecologically efficient and socially responsible action as a continuous process that is firmly integrated into everyday business.


Logistics & transport

Together with its partners, Düsseldorf Congress puts together attractive offers for local public transport. Visitors to many events, for example, have the opportunity to travel to and from the event with inexpensive combi-tickets. The admission ticket can be used throughout the entire Verkehrsverbundtarifraum.
Düsseldorf Congress has started to gradually convert its own pool vehicles to electromobility in order to reduce emissions. In addition, all company vehicles will be compensated by the Atmosfair Co2 label.
Düsseldorf Congress has set up a guidance system in the city to ensure optimum traffic routing to the trade fair and to the CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf.


Social responsibility

Düsseldorf Congress is committed to special events in the state capital and to the well-being of various Düsseldorf institutions.


Promotion of junior staff in the event industry

For Düsseldorf Congress, social responsibility also means training and promoting young talent in the event industry. At Düsseldorf Congress there are several examiners for the training occupations of event management assistant and event technician who work on an honorary basis in the examination board of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. They supervise our trainees and regularly take part in IHK seminars or workshops on innovations in examination forms and methods as well as on the principles and guiding principles of examination.


Security management

Numerous safety aspects must be taken into account in the operation of meeting places as well as in the planning and execution of events.
These include, among others:

  • General public protection
  • Crowd Management
  • Risk management
  • Occupational safety
  • Fire and environmental protection
  • Crime prevention and defence

Düsseldorf Congress therefore advises customers as well as employees and managers on all aspects of implementing measures to improve safety levels.

Memberships and certifications

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