Düsseldorf Congress

Exhibition Hall 1

Exhibition Halls

158 m long, 77 m wide and with over 12,000 square metres of floor space without any pillars, the new Hall 1 is roughly the size of Halls 8a and 8b offering 558 square metres more space than the two old Halls 1 and 2. In technical terms the new hall will live up to the highest demands of both exhibitors and visitors and meet the high standards of the exhibition centre as a whole. It will be accessible via 7 gates, and it will allow suspensions from the ceiling and also the supply of facilities to stands from the hall floor. Visitors access the hall through the 16.5 m high, transparent foyer, whose 2,140 square metres can also be used for events. Located in front of the foyer is an oversized, 7,800 sqm canopy roughly 20 m high made of translucent glass fibre fabric.

Six modern, glazed conference rooms measuring 200 square metres each for 198 persons will be available on the 1st floor of the hall. All rooms can be partitioned in the middle and are therefore even more flexible. Furthermore, the hall is connected to the CCD Congress Center Süd by a glass bridge on the 1st floor. A lateral route leads directly from the Süd entrance to the rest of the exhibition centre connecting with Halls 3 and 4. With theatre-style seating the hall holds up to 10,000 persons.

Details at a glance

Hall space: 12,025 sqm
Length x width x height: 158.34 m x 77.4 m x 20 m
Load-bearing capacity: 10,000 kg/sqm

Seating Options

Theatre-style seating: 10,000 persons
Usable net Area: 9,207 sqm

Special Features

12,025 sqm floor space without any pillars

Clear height: 15 m

Capacities: up to 10,000 persons

6 meeting rooms (1st floor), 200 sqm each 198 persons, can be partitioned centrally

Transition to CCD on the 1st floor