Düsseldorf Congress

Exhibition Hall 3

Exhibition Halls

Hall 3, which is connected to the CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf, is characterised by flexibility, the highest of technical standards and outstanding facilities. With an area of 20,279 sqm, Hall 3 offers the ideal setting for corporate events or exhibitions. Total seating capacity: theatre-style seating for 5,000 people, classroom-style seating for 2,700 people or banquet-style seating for 3,500 people. A direct passageway connects Hall 3 with the CCD Stadthalle, which can be reached via escalators. This permits a combination of plenary event and exhibition or gala. The underground supply channels in the hall make it possible to individually connect the exhibition stands to power, water, telecommunication and data lines. There is also a direct connection to the 263,888 sqm exhibition area in the halls of Messe Düsseldorf.

Details at a glance

Hall space: 20,279 sqm
Length / width / heigth: 176.12 m / 118.98 m / 8.00 m
Load-bearing capacity: 10,000 kg/sqm

Seating Options

Theatre-style seating: 5,000 persons
Classroom-style seating: 2,700 persons
Banquet-style seating: 3,500 persons

Special Features

Clearance: 8.00 m

Comprehensive ceiling suspension grid of 2.88 x 2.88 m (Mero system)

Area-wide supply of electricity, water and compressed air as well as communication equipment

Several gates offer access to the complex from all sides by truck or forklift