Düsseldorf Congress

Exhibition Hall 8b

Exhibition Halls

The multi-functional concept of Hall 8b measuring 12,850 sqm provides the ideal setting for corporate events, concert or exhibitions. Supply of power, water & compressed air as well as communication facilities across the entire area and the state-of-the-art technical equipment of Hall 8b guarantee the smooth operation of your event. The Hall can be easily accessed by truck or forklift truck through various doors on all sides.

Thanks to the structural link with Hall 8a both halls can also be used in combination placing up to 25,700 sqm of exhibition space at your disposal.

In Hall 8b you also have at your disposal four perfectly furnished spaces that are ideal for seminars, meetings, presentations or workshops. Upon demand these spaces can be divided up into up to nine rooms holding between 26 and 199 persons. There are also three office rooms on the 1st floor of Hall 8b available for use. In addition to this, the Hall is equipped with a restaurant.
Skylights and large windows ensure sufficient daylight – if need be, Hall 8b can also be completely blackened out.

Furthermore, Hall 8b can be accessed directly via a covered walkway connection from the underground stop “Messe Nord / Arena”. The spacious foyer of the North Entrance boasts excellent infrastructure with cloakrooms, registration counters, ticket offices and plenty of room for visitors to stay.

Details at a glance

Hall space: 12,850 sqm

Length / Width / Heigth: 150,56 m / 98,50 (84,25) m / 15,00 m

Load-bearing capacity: 10,000 kg/sqm

Seating Options

Row seating: 10,000 persons

Conference seating: 5,000 persons

Banquet-style seating arrangement: 5,000 persons

Special Features

Maximum capacity: 10,000 persons

additional 4 conference rooms, partitionable into up to 9 rooms for 26 to1 99 people each

Functional features and measurements

Comprehensive ceiling suspension grid of 2.5 m x 2.5 m (Mero system) for single loads of up to 1t per suspension point

Area-wide supply of electricity, water and compressed air as well as communication equipment

More than ten large gates offer access to the complex from all sides by truck or forklift

6 megawatttotal power capacity