Düsseldorf Congress

Restaurants Wabe 1 & 2

CCD Congress Center Düsseldorf

The restaurants Wabe 1 and Wabe 2, which are also located on the first floor of the CCD Süd, have a gross area of 191 sqm and 190 sqm and a banquet-style seating capacity of 130 – 140 persons each. They can be used in combination with the other hexagonal restaurants on the 1st floor of the CCD Süd as one event area with a size of 1,226 sqm and a banquet-style seating capacity of 540. The total height is 3 m.

Details at a glance

Restaurant Wabe 1:
Total area: 191 m²
Capacities: 130 Personen
Clearance: 3,00 m

Restaurant Wabe 2:
Total area: 190 m²
Capacities: 140 Personen
Clearance: 3,00 m

Seating Options

Wabe 1
Banquet-style seating: 130 persons

Wabe 2
Banquet-style seating: 140 persons