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Our Netiquette

Düsseldorf Congress defines itself as a platform for connecting business, science, politics and social affairs with the culture of the global world in Düsseldorf.

We appreciate dialogue and discussion not only live but also on the web and welcome any comments, photos, videos and links you post on our social media channels.
Just as in our personal dealings we attach great importance to a respectful, constructive and polite conversational tone and would therefore like to ask you to consider the following guidelines.

Our Guidelines

  • Please refer to the theme of the post and discuss in a facts-based manner. We have zero tolerance for unobjective and/or offensive comments.
  • We do not tolerate any statements that glorify violence, that incite the people, are defamatory, pornographic, inflammatory, punishable statements or statements liable to corrupt youth.
  • Any type of discrimination or defamation of individuals or groups on grounds of their origin, religion, nationality, physical condition, sexual identity, gender, income relations or their age will not be accepted. Nor do we allow any slander or statements that may damage business or reputation.
  • Please do not post any advertising and take copyright into consideration when posting third-party content.
  • Please respect the privacy right of your fellow men as well as their right to their own images. Do not publish any personal data of third parties and handle your own data prudently.
  • We assume no liability or responsibility for any contributions posted by any users, for any content under external links, comments or files.

In the event of posts violating one or several guidelines of our Netiquette, we reserve the right to exercise our domiciliary right and to delete these.

We look forward to inspiring, constructive discussions!